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San Mamés Stadium Tour

Feel the excitement of San Mamés

Visit the “Cathedral of Football”, a stadium that has won awards as the best sports building in the world. Feel the sensations that football players and fans experience in San Mamés, the home of “The Lions”.

Enjoy an unforgettable tour and experience football from the inside.

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  • Premio AC Museoa World Design Awards

    World Design Awards

    Highest distinction awarded in the category of Sports and Recreational Facilities (2020).

  • Premio AC Museoa World Design Awards

    World Football Summit

    Best Stadium of the year (2017).

  • Premio AC Museoa WFS Industry Awards

    The best new sports building
    in the world

    World Architecture Festival
    Singapur (2015).

AC Museoa

Remember what you are, teach what you love

Delve into the history of a legendary club, whose philosophy and values are unique in the world of sport. Learn about more than a century of football through a remarkable collection of original pieces spanning the ages. Experience the emotion of San Mamés, the red and white heartbeat, a feeling that transcends football.

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AC Museoa European museum of the year award


The children of 37 in the UK

Current exhibition.

Visitors can now see “The Children of ’37 in the UK”, Athletic Club’s new temporary exhibition focusing on the story of the thousands of Basque children who were evacuated to the UK during the Spanish Civil War and who, in some cases, went on to compete at the top level of football, some of them even going on to play for the Lions.

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The history of Athletic interpreted through some of its protagonists’ objects.

The museum presents more than 1000 original objects and 900 videos to help you understand the essence and history of the Club since 1898.

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June 21
Opens until: 20:00

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