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Places in Bilbao with a red & white essence

If you visit Bilbao there are a number of places you must see. And many, perhaps more than you might think, have something to do with the Athletic Club. We are going to detail some of those places in Bilbao with a red & white essence.

Town Hall and the Foral Palace

The balcony of the town hall is the place where the players go to celebrate triumphs with the fans, after receiving a reception from the mayor. The same happens in the case of the Foral Palace (Palacio Foral), where the squad meets with the deputy general and later greets the red & white supporters congregated on the Gran Via from the balcony.

Bilbao’s Town Hall has almost a century and a half of history. The current building, designed and built by Joaquín Rucoba, replaced the mansion located next to the Church of San Antón, where the Municipal Council had resided until then.

For its part, the Bizkaia Provincial Council Palace is a key building in the contemporary architecture of the Basque Country as it is one of the most notable expressions of eclecticism. The project was entrusted to Luis Aladrén in 1890. Work began in 1890 and was not completed until 1900.

Basilica of Begoña

In the month of August, the first teams of the Athletic Club, and a delegation of the Board of Directors, carry out the traditional offering to the Virgin of Begoña, patron saint of Bizkaia.

An act that has been celebrated for almost a century, since it dates back to 1930, and which culminates with a minute’s silence for all the members and fans who have died during the year.

The Basilica of the Virgin of Begoña overlooks Bilbao from a high point. The church, the work of Sancho Martínez de Arego, was built on the same spot where the Virgin is said to have appeared at the beginning of the 16th century. It is a late Gothic style building, and the main doorway, in particular, is a Renaissance example with a triumphal arch.

The barge

If there is one symbol of Athletic Club’s triumphs, it is the barge. Donated in 2013 to Itsasmuseum by Asier Atutxa, when he was president of the Port Authority of Bilbao-Bilbaoport, it can be visited since then inside the dock, where it remains as a piece of the Museum’s collection.

In 1983, and after 27 years since the last title, Athletic Club was proclaimed League champion for the seventh time in its history. A barge came down the NerviónRiver, as the chorus of a popular song goes, which inspired the club’s board of directors to organise a special and different celebration to commemorate this title.

Thus, on 3 May 1983, this vessel dedicated to the transport of iron, the source of Bizkaia’s wealth, travelled along the Nervión estuary with hundreds of thousands of people crowded on both banks to greet the team. Some unforgettable images.

San Mames

A visit to Bilbao is not complete without a visit to San Mames, the lions’ stadium. A unique stadium where you can enjoy numerous activities.

For example, a visit to the Athletic Club Museum, with more than 1,000 original objects and videos that will give you an insight into the essence of the red & white team, and which will also allow you to take the Tour of San Mames to get to know the inside of the Cathedral of football.

A unique way to learn about the Athletic Club and its history, and one of the best family plans if you are in Bilbao. Book your visit to the Athletic Club Museum now.

You can also recharge your batteries in San Mames itself, thanks to the restaurants and bars located in the stadium: Geuria!, La Campa de los Ingleses (which offers a delicious brunch on weekends), San Mames Jatetxea and San Mames VIP Area, a whole experience with which you can feel and live for four hours the atmosphere before a match, have a perfect view of the pitch and taste the best Basque gastronomy prepared by Michelin-starred chefs from Bizkaia. More than you could ever imagine.

And finally, don’t forget to make room in your suitcase to return home with items related to the Athletic Club. There are up to four Athletic Club shops where you can buy all kinds of products related to the red & white team. The main one, located between gates 0 and 26 in the San Mames stadium itself; the one located in Alameda Rekalde, 44; the one located in Mazarredo, 65; and the one located in the Max Center Shopping Centre.

In all of them you will find a large number of items in the Athletic Club colours. Articles such as flags, t-shirts, txapelas, caps, scarves…

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