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Events in Bilbao (17-19 May)

Sevilla FC will be the last team to visit San Mames this season, and they will do so in the match that will take place this Sunday in La Catedral. Here are some of the events taking place this weekend in Bilbao (17-19 May).

Events in Bilbao 17-19 May 2024

This Sunday, 19th May, Athletic Club welcomes Sevilla FC to San Mames. It will be the last match of the season at the red & white stadium. You can get your ticket for this match now.

If you visit Bilbao these days, you have the chance to eat at the stadium itself in one of the San Mames restaurants: San Mames JatetxeaLa Campa de los Ingleses and Geuria!

You can also enjoy an incomparable menu thanks to the San Mames Vip Area experience, which includes:

  • Privileged location inside the stadium.
  • Exclusive gastronomic service included with our selection of Michelin-starred chefs. Andra Mari, Azurmendi, Eneko, Boroa, Etxanobe, Garena, Nerua Guggenheim Bilbao, Zarate and Zortziko are the Bizkaia restaurants in charge of cooking every match day.
  • Access from one and a half hours before to one hour after the match.
  • Access to the entire central ring shared by boxes, VIP subscribers and Matchday Experience tickets. We have created a meeting area to make the experience exceptional. You will enjoy personalised attention and all the comforts of home.
  • Screens with live match coverage, replays with all the details.


The Guggenheim Museum, Museum of Fine Arts, Museum of Artistic Reproductions, Maritime Museum… are some of the most interesting museums in Bizkaia, as well as the AC Museoa, the Athletic Club Museum, with more than 1,000 original objects (among them, the latest Kings Cup) and videos that take you into the essence of the Zurigorri team.

It also offers the possibility of taking the San Mames Tour to get to know the inside of the Cathedral of football. A visit that is now even more spectacular thanks to the immersive AC Virtual Adventure experience.

A unique and different way to learn about Athletic Club and its history, and one of the best family plans if you visit Bilbao. Book your visit to the Athletic Club Museum now.


This weekend, the Kafe Antzokia will host two concerts by Koma on Friday and Saturday, and a Stereorocks session with Maxi Méndez and J. Loma.

And on Saturday, the band Doctor Deseo will be performing atthe Santana 27 venue.


Meanwhile, at the Arriaga Theatre, the play “Tan solo el fin del mundo” will be performed at the weekend.

Finally, at the Campos Elíseos theatre, between Friday and Sunday the play “La Ruina” by Ignasi Taltavull and Tomás Fuentes will be performed, while on Friday Lamine Thior will bring his comedy monologue and on Saturday Wilbur will bring his show “Piensa en Wilbur”.

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