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Events in Bilbao this weekend (August 11-13)

This Saturday, August 12, will be the first La Liga 2023-2024 match for the Lions. It is also a classic fixture, as the opponents will be Real Madrid. This massive match takes place the weekend before the start of Aste Nagusia, which will include a number of cultural events in Bilbao (August 11-13).

Events in Bilbao between August 11 and 13, 2023

The 2023-2024 season kicks off this Saturday at the San Mamés stadium with one of the classics of the competition: Athletic Club-Real Madrid.

It is a clash for which ‘the Cathedral’ always gets decked out to cheer on the Lions. Don’t forget to go to San Mamés wearing red and white. Remember that you can find all of the Athletic Club kits and accessories you need at any of our four Athletic Club shops.

And don’t forget that you can enjoy this match in a different way in the San Mames VIP Area, an experience that offers you all of these advantages:

· Privileged seats inside the stadium. Choose your seat from those available in the North, East and Main Stands in the San Mamés central ring.

· Exclusive gastronomic service included from our selection of 11 Michelin-starred chefs from Bizkaia. Andra Mari, Azurmendi, Eneko, Boroa, Etxanobe, Garena, Nerua Guggenheim Bilbao, Zarate and Zortziko are the restaurants responsible for cooking on match days.

· Admission from an hour and a half before a match until an hour after it ends. You can experience the pre-match and post-match atmosphere in a different way.

· Access to the entire central ring shared by the boxes, San Mames VIP Area season ticket holders and Matchday Experience users. You will enjoy personalised attention and have all the comforts at your disposal.

· Screens showing the match live, replays and all of the match details.


The Bizkaian capital is preparing for this year’s Aste Nagusia (Bilbao’s fiestas) right now, which means that there are hardly any concerts or plays during this period, as they are reserved for the week-long fiesta.

In any event, if you visit Bilbao this weekend, you can visit some of the city’s many museums, such as the Guggenheim Museum, the Museum of Fine Arts, the Museum of Artistic Reproductions, the Maritime Museum and the Basque Museum, where the Bilboko Erraldoiak (Bilbao’s giants who take to the streets every morning for parades) are on display.

And we must not forget the Athletic Club Museum, which contains more than 1,000 original objects and videos that will give you an insight into the heart and soul of Athletic Club and will also allow you to take a Tour of San Mamés to have a closer look at the inside of ‘the Cathedral’ of football. It is a unique way to learn about Athletic Club and its history, and one of the best family activities if you are in Bilbao. Book your ticket for the Athletic Club Museum.

Azkuna Zentroa is also hosting several exhibitions at the moment, such as Bene Bergado’s exhibition ‘Decrecer’.

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