Matchday Experience

A unique atmosphere.

Buy your tickets and live an incomparable experience in San Mamés.
This is San Mamés. A unique space that allows you to live more than a football game.

Enjoy Matchday Experience in San Mames BAT

What includes:

  • Privileged location within the stadium.
    Choose your location from the available seats on the North, East and Main stands of the central ring of the stadium.
  • Exclusive gastronomic service included with our selection of Michelin star chefs.
    Andra Mari, Azurmendi, Eneko, Boroa, Etxanobe, Nerua Guggenheim Bilbao, Zarate and Zortziko are the Biscayan restaurants responsible for cooking every match day.
  • Access from one hour and a half before, until an hour after the match.
    You can live the previous atmosphere and the post-match in a different way.
  • Access to the entire central ring shared by boxes, VIP ticket-holders and Matchday

    We have created a meeting area so that you can enjoy an exceptional experience. You will enjoy a personalised attention and have all the amenities.
  • Closed Tv circuit with the live match, repetitions and exclusive information.
    Do not miss any detail of the match.

Buy your tickets for your Matchday Experience in San Mames BAT