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Enjoy a unique experience in
San Mames with
your San Mames BAT pass.

A unique space that makes it possible to experience something more than just a football match: feel the emotion in San Mames in an unforgettable way.

4-hour matches with your season ticket with access to all of the communal areas shared by San Mames BAT boxes and seats.

All the opened areas along the floor for you to be able to engage with whoever you want while enjoying the match in a unique space.

Enjoy an unbeatable view of the game, go in an hour and a half before the game to experience the atmosphere beforehand and taste the cuisine offered by our team of Biscayan chefs, who have a total of 11 Michelin stars between them. All included. Before during and after each match.

Functionality and comfort have been the essential conditions in the design of all the spaces in the San Mames BAT.

We have created a meeting area so that you can enjoy an exceptional experience with your San Mames BAT pass. We want you to enjoy personalised attention and have all amenities in the box area of San Mames.

Never miss a single detail of the game and socialise in the communal areas that make up the San Mames BAT boxes and seats, while enjoying the fine cuisine prepared by our team of Michelin-starred chefs.

San Mames BAT has seats located in North, East and Main stands in the stadium.

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Build up relations of interest.

Access to Liga and Copa matches.
Access to European competition matches.

Exclusive accesses to the Stadium.

Personalized attention.

Privileged location within the stadium.

Accesses are available one-and-a-half hours prior to the match and service will run until one hour from the end of the match.

Close Circuit television with exclusive information.
Exclusive WI-FI & web space.

Possibility of customizing the armchairs.

11 Michelin stars for you to enjoy the finest gourmet cuisine in San Mames.

Access to Athletic store.

The distribution of San Mames BAT Passes

The distribution of San Mames BAT Passes
  • 4,200€/Seasson
  • 3,450€/Seasson
  • 3,150€/Seasson
  • 2,360€/Seasson
  • 2,185€/Seasson
  • 21% VAT not included

Gastronomic Area

  • North Corner
  • North
  • East
  • South Corner
  • Restaurant
  • Tavern
  • Showroom

Grab your San Mames BAT Pass and feel the excitement of San Mames.

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LaLiga Santander
Matchday 37
Sun 12
May 2019

Athletic Club
RC Celta

Build up relations of interest.

Comparte impresiones con quien tú quieras.Access to all the common areas shared by boxes and armchairs.

Access to Liga and Copa matches.

Contract a San Mames BAT season ticket or purchase a seat for just one match.

Access to European competition matches.

Purchase priority on European matches in San Mames BAT.

Exclusive accesses.

Exclusive access to San Mames BAT:

  • 3 independent street entrances.
  • From the Stadium parking.

Privileged location within the stadium.

All San Mames BAT seats have an outstanding view of the pitch. They are located on the first floor of the stadium, between the upper and lower Stands

Access schedule and extended stay

Live the pre-match ambiance by accessing once-and-a-half hours prior to the match. And also the post-match since you will be able to extend your stay until one hour after the match has ended.

Personalized attention.

Excellent service by highly-qualified personnel to cover all of your needs.

Customize your seats

The procurement of more than 4 season tickets lets you personalize the seats.

11 Michelin stars for you to enjoy the finest gourmet cuisine in San Mames.

Enjoy the finest culinary creations by of our team of chefs during the match and the drinks you’d like in the common spaces. All inclusive.

Andra Mari, Azurmendi, Eneko, Boroa, Etxanobe, Nerua Guggenheim Bilbao, Zarate and Zortziko are the Biscayan restaurants in charge of cooking every match day.

Closed circuit television with exclusive information.

Both the common areas and the boxes are equipped with CCTV where you can watch San Mames BAT’s exclusive channel.

Exclusive WI-FI & web space.

The whole San Mames BAT space is equipped with the latest technology to improved the comfort.

Access to Athletic store.

San Mames BAT features 2 Athletic Club products sales points.