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The best red and white atmosphere for the Copa del Rey final

Athletic Club will face Atletico de Madrid this Thursday, 29 February, in the second leg of the semi-finals of the 2023/24 Copa del Rey. A match that, once again, will be experienced with the best red and white atmosphere to take the Lions to a new final.

The red and white atmosphere in the Copa

Copa semi-final clashes are always special in Bilbao and all Biscay. This competition is in itself a different kind of tournament for the red and white fans. But matches like this Thursday’s one against Atletico de Madrid are even more. Bilbao and all Biscay are covered in red and white getting the best atmosphere for the Copa.

On these days Athletic Club’s four official retail outlets , and the online store meet a very big demand for red and white items to cheer the Lions on, both inside and outside the stadium.

Athletic Club kits, flags, scarves, berets… Athletic Club fans buy all kind of red and white products to push the team in search of victory.

The atmosphere in the streets

The excitement of the Copa semi-final can be felt, and in what a way, in the streets. Red and white flags hang from the balconies, the young, and not so young ones, dress up in their red and white T-shirts to go to school, to the ikastola or to work, and people hardly talk about anything else.

Bars and restaurants in Bilbao and Biscay, as well as those in San Mames (San Mames Jatetxea, Geuria! and La Campa de los Ingleses) are witness to lively conversations in which friends and families exchange feelings and good wishes for the match.

And what can we say about the atmosphere in the hours before kick-off in the area surrounding La Catedral? Thousands of red and white fans flood the streets Licenciado Pozas and García Rivero to gather strength to cheer on their team until the last minute.

AC Museoa

There are also people who on these days go to the AC Museoa, the Athletic Club Museum, to once again soak up the spirit of Athletic Club through the objects on display in the museum, as well as with the San Mames Tour.

A spirit that has made this team a special Club. As it is the Cup for the Lions who, once again this Thursday, will roar loudly to reach another final.

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