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Places for meetings in Bilbao

Discover the best places for meetings in Bilbao, places for having fruitful, landmark business meetings.

There is something that not everyone knows and that is that the San Mamés stadium has fantastic places for meetings in Bilbao. Beyond football, a whole world of possibilities opens up in a unique setting for corporate events. The proliferation of rooms for meetings or areas for events complicates the task of finding truly special places that:

  1. Make a difference.
  2. Surprise the people with whom you are having the meeting.
  3. Make a great impression.
  4. Convey value to your company.
  5. Improve your corporate image.

But the San Mames BAT has unique places for meetings in Bilbao that make it easy for you.

Why San Mames BAT has the best places for meetings in Bilbao

Since the opening of the new San Mamés stadium, there are several reasons why the areas within it have become the ideal place for holding meetings and events between companies.

  1. Its location makes it an attractive business meeting point.
  2. It is the best sports building in the world and has been awarded and honoured on many occasions.
  3. It has different spaces depending on the type of meeting and/or has the necessary capacity.
  4. Some of these spaces are modular and can be adapted according to the needs of the company.
  5. There are exclusive views of the stadium through huge windows.
  6. They are equipped with the most sophisticated technology. Stages, screens, projector with screen, press room, sound equipment, lighting and all kinds of multimedia material.

6 compelling reasons why San Mames BAT has the best places for meetings in Bilbao. You can request more information and personalised advice to help you make your decision. Nueva llamada a la acción