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Interesting facts about matches between Athletic Club and Real Madrid

The clashes between the Lions and Real Madrid are almost as old as La Liga itself, and are one of the great classics in this competition. We take a look back at some of the stories over the decades of meetings between the two clubs ahead of Saturday’s season opener at San Mamés.

Anecdotes about matches between Athletic Club and Real Madrid

The first encounter between the Lions and Real Madrid took place 120 years ago on April 8, 1903, in the final of the first Campeonato de España (now the Copa del Rey), which Athletic won 3-2 against the Madrid side at the Hippodrome de la Castellana.

The first league meeting between the two teams took place in the first league championship, on April 21, 1929, with the home side winning 5-1 in a match played at the Chamartín Stadium.

The clash between Athletic Club and Real Madrid was known for many years as the “Old Clasico” and became the most played match in Spanish football until the 2011-2012 season, when it was overtaken by the clashes between Barcelona and Real Madrid.

The Bizkaians and Madrileños have played each other 267 times times, with 85 wins for the Lions, 48 draws and 134 defeats.

However, at San Mamés, the figures are more positive for the red and white team, as Athletic Club has 66 wins against the Madrid team, 22 draws and 51 defeats, with 224 goals scored and 194 conceded.

Both Athletic Club and Real Madrid were founders of the league competition and are, along with FC Barcelona, the only La Liga teams that have never been relegated to the second division. Remember that you can take a look at 125 years of red and white history thanks to the Athletic Club Museum, which has a collection of original pieces from every era, as well as audiovisual presentations and interactive games. More than 1,000 original objects and 900 videos will give you an insight into the heart and soul of Athletic Club in a unique way. You can book your ticket now to visit the Museum, and you can also take a Tour of San Mamés.

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