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Visit San Mames: Tour and Match Day

If what you want to do is visit San Mames, we have a great plan for you: Tour and Match Day. Do you want to know what it involves? Let us tell you about it!

If you want to visit San Mames, you can’t miss this unique experience, which will allow you to enjoy football and above all the red-and-white spirit. What does it consist of exactly? We will explain it to you in detail below.

Tour + Match Day, the perfect combination for visiting San Mames

The perfect combination can be experienced at San Mames: the best plan for a day out there is if you like football, eating well and doing different things. We will organise a complete plan for you to enjoy San Mames 100% in a 360º visit.

The San Mames stadium tour

Firstly, there is a tour. A visit to the inside of the ground with a tour of one of the most complete football museums on the planet. During your visit to the stadium, you will be able to enjoy the stadium from the pitch, the press room, the changing rooms and the VIP area, among others. And to finish the tour, a visit to AC Museoa, the Athletic Club museum. This area includes all kinds of objects through which the story of an emblematic team is told.

Match Day Experience

But the combination would not be complete without the finishing touch, Match Day. A 4-hour match with a day ticket for the seats located in the San Mames VIP Area, which enjoy an exceptional location in the central ring of the ground, as well as exclusive services. The Match Day Experience allows you to experience the preceding atmosphere, with access from half an hour beforehand and the post-match ambience, so that you can continue to feel the warmth of San Mames. These tickets will allow you to have a perfect view of the game, with top quality services, highlighting the cuisine from a team that boasts 10 Michelin stars and screens showing the match live, replays and all of the details. As if that weren’t enough, they also give you access to all of the common areas shared with the VIP boxes and seats. As we said, you can’t miss it. It’s a unique experience that every good football fan or tourist who comes to the Bizkaian capital should experience if they really want to hear lions roar. You can buy tickets for the San Mames tour and Match Day. You just have to match them up to enjoy a perfect experience in a single day.     


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