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How to get to San Mames

Located at one of the main entrances and exits of Bilbao the San Mames stadium has a notable connection to any point in the city, and Bizkaia, through a good number of means of transport. Take note if this Wednesday, 27 September, you are planning to go to La Catedral to cheer on Athletic Club in its clash against Getafe CF.

Alternatives to get to San Mames

First of all, if you are passionate about walking… congratulations! Bilbao is a city that can be explored on foot without any problem. In fact, walking through Casco Viejo hours before a match, and then approaching streets like Licenciado Pozas and García Rivero, is a unique experience to immerse yourself in the red-and-white atmosphere prior to a home game. And all this can be done by walking for just half an hour. If the weather is good, this is also highly advisable to get to know many of the most attractive sights in Bilbao.

In addition, you can take the opportunity to visit any of our three shops located in the capital of Biscay (the fourth is in the shopping centre Max Center, in Barakaldo) to get your Athletic Club products.

If you need to take a taxi, no problem either, Bilbao is not a very large city and in a few minutes, you can reach the lions’ football field.


The underground in Bilbao is also an option to get to San Mames. Comfortable, fast and pleasant, too. If you take it from any point on the left or right bank, much of your journey will be accompanied by the river, the same Nervión that La Gabarra (the barge) sailed 40 years ago. Furthermore, the length of Metro Bilbao is only 45 kilometres, which means that, for example, from the last station on the right bank (Plentzia) to Santimami-San Mamés it takes only 40 minutes. You can check the stations, the arrival time of the trains and the duration of the journey in the upcoming trains section of the Metro Bilbao website.


Depending on where you are in Bizkaia (Gernika, Bermeo or Mundaka, for example), you may have to take the train to get to the stadium. No problem, many Euskotren and commuter train routes end in an underground station so you can transfer if you need to and easily get to La Catedral. Some commuter trains, in fact, stop at the San Mames train station.


One of the symbols of the new Bilbao, that of the 21st century, that of the Guggenheim… and that of the new San Mames stadium. The tram has a stop in San Mames, a wide frequency of units and the journey is covered in a short time. For example, from the city centre (Abando) to the stop near the stadium it only takes 12 minutes.


As with the train, both bus services, the one in Bilbao (Bilbobus) and the one in Bizkaia (Bizkaibus) have lines that stop near the San Mames stadium (28, A3411, A3414 y A3915). Besides, most of them with wide frequencies and a not very long travel time. You can check the Bilbobus lines here and the Bizkaibus lines here.

As you can see, there are many options to get to San Mames, get your ticket and enjoy one of the best experiences in Bilbao: that of an Athletic Club match.

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