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Experiences in the San Mames BAT

There is a place in the San Mames stadium where anything is possible. Let us tell you about experiences in the San Mames BAT that you can enjoy and that you will never forget.

The San Mames BAT is one of the places in the Athletic Club stadium where anything is possible. A place designed for you to be able to enjoy real experiences beyond football. Find out more below about the experiences in the San Mames BAT that will bring you the joy of football and much more.

5 experiences in the San Mames BAT

  1. A perfect view of the game, no matter for which seating area you buy your ticket. The entire area occupied by the San Mames BAT has the best views of the pitch so you miss absolutely nothing.
  2. 4-hour matches. Experience the preceding atmosphere, with access from half an hour beforehand, and the ambience afterwards, with “extra time” that will allow you to continue feeling the warmth of San Mames.
  3. Gastronomic offering from a team that boasts 10 Michelin stars. Access to all dining areas that are shared by VIP suites and seats, more than 6000 m2 of meeting areas where you can enjoy the highest level gastronomic service which is included.
  4. Events, conferences and meetings in a unique, privileged environment. A place of reference in Bilbao for large and medium-sized companies looking for the best for their events.
  5. All the details. Screens showing the match live, replays and all the details. A space full of comforts and equipped with the best technologies.

And all these experiences are backed up by the recognition and top awards that have been received by one of the best stadiums in the world. A space designed and created for comfort, for the total enjoyment of a football match and much, much more. To be able to enjoy all these experiences you only have to buy a ticket for the San Mames BAT or apply for a BAT pass. It’s that easy!

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