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Events in Bilbao (16-18 February)

LaLiga returns to San Mames this monday, and it does so with a clash in which the Zurigorri (Red & White) side will face this season’s revelation team, Girona FC. Here are also some of the events taking place this weekend in Bilbao (16th-18th February).

Events in Bilbao 16-18 February 2024

The Lions take on Girona FC this monday (21:00 horas), undoubtedly the revelation team of the competition so far.

Bilbao has some of the most attractive and interesting museums in Spain. Football fans can also visit AC Museoa, the Athletic Club Museum.

A museum that now presents AC Virtual Adventure, a 100% immersive and interactive experience through virtual reality glasses and movement sensors that allows the fan to enter the virtual red & white universe.

Users can immerse themselves in an exciting athletic atmosphere that will allow them to become the avatar of their favourite player, recall the Club’s great milestones, feel part of the team, interact with the space and their teammates and much more.

This experience is the finishing touch to the San Mames Tour and the visit to the AC Museoa. Get your ticket now and immerse yourself in the Athletic Club universe!


The band El Ultimo Ke Zierre will be performing at Stage Live on Friday 16 February, followed by Whisky Caravan and Indrid the day after.

Meanwhile, at the Kafe Antzokia, the band Akerbeltz will be playing on Friday the 16th and Freedonia on Saturday the 17th.

And in the Sala Azkena, on Friday the 16th, the band Carmen 113 will be playing live, and on Saturday the 17th, Anabel Lee.


Meanwhile, at the Arriaga Theatre, on Friday the 16th, the Kukai Dantza and Jesús Rubio Company will be on stage, and on Saturday and Sunday the play Poncia will be performed.

Finally, at the Campos Elíseos theatre, on Saturday 17th, the monologue by Valeria Ros Fuckin’ Diva will be performed, and a day later, Galder Varas’ monologue, Esto no es un show.

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