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Why the philosophy of Athletic Club is unique

We will tell you why Athletic Club’s philosophy is unique, what makes this team different and how it influences the team and its fans every day.

One of the idiosyncrasies of Athletic Club is undoubtedly its philosophy, unlike any other elite football team and which refers to a way of conceiving football in which the territorial link between football players and their own hobby is essential, just as it happened in the origins of the sport. However, there has always been an open debate between football fans about which players Athletic can sign or not, so we have decided to briefly summarise the philosophy of the Club.

The philosophy of Athletic Club

The club’s website details its philosophy, which may help us to understand exactly what it involves.It states the following: “Athletic Club as an institution, along with its supporters, are characterised by their desire to defend values which are becoming increasingly uncommon in football and in sports overall in the 21st century. Our pride, reflected to the hilt in the club’s policy concerning the youth academy, has become a uniting force which outweighs the discrepancies to be found in our daily lives, making our philosophy different to any other and different to the way football is understood throughout the world.” Therefore, its philosophy is based on two main pillars: sense of pride and its youth academy policy. It continues as follows: “Athletic Club is located in Bilbao, in the province of Bizkaia (The Basque Country). The club’s sporting philosophy is governed by a code which states that only players that have come up through the club’s youth academy or that have been raised by other clubs in The Basque Country may play in its ranks. This includes the following regions: Bizkaia, Gipuzkoa, Alava, Navarre Labourd, Soule and Lower Navarre, or players that were born in these regions”.   Nueva llamada a la acción