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Architecture in Bilbao: 10 buildings not to be missed

Architecture in Bilbao is one of the main features of the Bizkaian capital. If you take a stroll through Bilbao or come to visit, you shouldn’t miss this architectural tour.

The Bizkaian capital has become a strong tourist attraction and one of the reasons is its architecture. Architecture in Bilbao has played such a prominent role that there are a number of buildings that you cannot miss if you come to Bilbao. For some years now we have targeted renowned architects to construct buildings of different types in Bilbao. Here are some of them and others that are landmarks with years of history.

10 buildings you cannot miss on your visit to Bilbao

  1. La Concordia or Santander station, a unique modernist style building built in 1902.
  2. Bailén skyscraper, the first building in Bilbao over 40 metres in height.
  3. San Antón bridge, which was for centuries the only bridge that crossed the estuary and which is believed to have been built prior to 1318.
  4. La Ribera Market, with a commercial floor space of 1,000 m2.
  5. Arriaga Theatre. The theatre par excellence in Bilbao, inaugurated in 1890 in the neo-Baroque style.
  6. Casa Montero. The only modernist style residential building in Bilbao. It is known as La Casa Gaudí de Bilbao (the Gaudí House) because it is reminiscent of the buildings by the Catalan architect.
  7. La Alhóndiga. An old wine warehouse converted into a leisure and culture centre.
  8. San Mamés. The new San Mamés stadium has joined the long list of architectural landmarks in the Bizkaian capital,where, in addition to sporting events, there are places for events in Bilbao.
  9. Euskalduna Conference Centre. The centre for conventions and shows in the city.
  10. Guggenheim Museum. And last but not least, the city’s biggest tourist attraction, the famous Guggenheim Museum of Contemporary Art, the building of which is in itself a true work of art.

Remember, if you take a stroll around Bilbao, you cannot miss visiting these buildings which are sure to make an impression on you. Because if the architecture in Bilbao is anything it is impressive.


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