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What you should not miss on your visit to Bilbao

If you have decided to visit Bilbao, there are places that you cannot miss. Must-see places that reflect the charm of the city and allow you to enjoy it to the maximum.

Below we will tell you what the emblems of the city are so that you do not miss them on your visit to Bilbao.

9 places you cannot miss on your visit to Bilbao

The Seven Streets

The Old Town of Bilbao, better known as the Seven Streets, is the true heart of the city. It is one of the main leisure and shopping centres. Its gastronomic, cultural and shopping attractions have made it a must-see site. In addition to holding numerous, emblematic events, it is also where you will find the oldest monuments in the city.

Basilica of Begoña

The Basilica of Begoña, the patron saint of Biscay, is located in the upper area of the old town. Built on the site where the Virgin appeared at the beginning of the 16th century, it was the work of Sancho Martínez de Arego and was built in a late Gothic style.

City Hall

The Plaza Ernesto Erkoreka is the location for Bilbao City Hall, the institution responsible for governing the city. The building, which was built at the end of the 19th century in the style of the French Second Empire, has luxurious interiors that combine neo-Renaissance inspiration and neo-Arab style. There are guided tours of the main rooms of the City Hall building; a short stop that you ought to include in your visit to Bilbao.

Uribitarte Walkway

The Uribitarte walkway runs alongside the estuary from the City Hall up to the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao. This esplanade has a bike lane, a pedestrian area and a central area reserved for the tram. It is also home to buildings of great importance that combine tradition and modernity: the old customs building, the Isozaki Atea complex and Zubizuri bridge, an arched footbridge designed by the architect Santiago Calatrava.


This area, which at one time was part of the port activity of the city, has witnessed the biggest transformation that Bilbao has undergone. The ground was cleared to accommodate the great icons of the “new Bilbao”, such as the Guggenheim Museum, designed by Gehry, the Deusto University Library by Rafael Moneo, the Auditorium of the UPV-EHU by Álvaro Siza and the Torre Iberdrola Tower by César Pelli.

Bilbao Fine Arts Museum

The Fine Arts Museum is one of the main museums in the country. Throughout its 100 year history, local artists and public institutions, with the collaboration of civil society, have managed to collect a large number of works, which places it among the most important collections in Spain.

Doña Casilda Park

If Bilbao was not surrounded by a beautiful green landscape, it could be said that the Doña Casilda Park is its lung. The park was opened in 1920, when Doña Casilda Iturrizar ceded the land to Bilbao City Hall.

Euskalduna Conference Centre

The flagship of the “new Bilbao” and Conference and Music Centre, with a multifunctional space of more than 58,000 square metres. It also hosts a number of activities of an economic and business, academic, political, institutional, social and cultural nature.

Metro Bilbao

Designed by the architect Norman Foster and a true symbol of the city due to its accessibility, efficiency, impeccable design and “Fosterite” characteristics, the access points to the stations.

San Mames

The stadium stands out for its stunning design and the passion with which it lives and breathes football within the ground. The San Mames Stadium in Bilbao is an international architectural benchmark and has joined the long list of architectural landmarks in the Biscayan capital, which include the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao and the Iberdrola Tower. They are all recommended spaces to visit in Bilbao and which will allow you to enjoy your stay in the city. 


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